WFM Buddy @ leading media company


  • Agents love using Buddy. WFM features are available on their smartphones and can be used whenever they like.
  • Planners can send important (broadcast) messages to agents via the Buddy app or Workspace desktop.
  • Zero(!!) delay in planners reacting to (or acting on) bad coverage when agents report late/sick/better.
WFM Buddy is so easy to use. I love it!
Contact Center Agent

This customer is the country’s leading media company providing (online) newspapers, (online)magazines and radio/TV/online media channels. They are running a customerservice department the size of 150 agent seats in a single location.


Objectives for this customer were to:

  • Enable agents to work remotely (e.g. from home).
  • Empower agents to (remotely) provide their working preferences and trade shifts.


WFM Buddy provides the agents with a smartphone app that allows them to verify their schedules any time and anywhere.

Agents can submit their working preferences and time-off requests, and can easily trade shifts with their colleagues.

When sick or recovered, agents can update their status via WFM Buddy, which will automatically be updated in Genesys WFM and reported to supervisors and planners.

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