Real Time Stats @ Insurance customer


  • Refresh rates below 1 second, down from 10to even 30 seconds (!!), allowing our customer to act faster on intra-day changes. (or react to)
  •  Improved visualization of KPIs, allowing for better insight and decision-making. Dashboards may be tailored to specific needs and branding of different business units.
  • Fast time to value: Real Time Stats was deployed in a matter of days.
Real Time Stats helped to speed up the refresh rate on our KPIs significantly, allowing us to act faster.
Traffic Manager

This customer is running a Genesys Engage Contactcenter the size of 3000+ agent seats spread across multiple locations, supporting their various go-to-market brands.

Objectives for this customer were to:

  • Reduce the refresh rate of their KPIs, allowing them to act faster on changes during the day.
  • Create real-time dashboards tailored to the specific needs and styles of their various brands.
  • Present a combination of Contact Center and Business Performance metrics in single dashboard views.
  • Publish KPIs regarding customer satisfaction and expected waiting times per channel on their public websites.

By deploying the Real Time Stats solution, our customer realized all objectives in just a matter of weeks. Real Time Stats was deployed in a few days.

Our customer has gained insight in their customer service operation and is able to direct their web customers to the best available channels, based on the actual status.

This sets the correct expectations up-front and has proven to increase customer satisfaction levels.

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