WFM Buddy @ large Bank


  • Agent utilization has increased, as agents use Buddy mostly when at home or when travelling to work on public transportation, instead of when at their desks (working time).
  • Planners can send important (broadcast) messages to agents via the Buddy app or Workspace desktop.
  • Agents love using Buddy, as WFM features are available on their smartphones and can be used whenever they like.
  • Agents can set the Buddy language to their own preference (multiple countries involved), independent of Genesys WFM.
WFM Buddy allows our agents to submit their preferences at any time, also when they are not at their desks.

This customer is running a Genesys Engage contact center the size of 2400+ agent seats spread across 3 countries, including different departments and multiple locations in each country.


Objectives for this customer were to:

  • Provide innovative (mobile) solutions to their employees.
  • Enable agents to also access Genesys WFM features when not at their desks.
  • Notify agents ad-hoc on desire to work overtime or send them other relevant messages.


As Genesys WFM Agent Web cannot be used on a smartphone, nor outside of the customer’s domain, agents were forced to access it while at their desks (problem: negative impact on agent utilization).

WFM Buddy provides the agents with a smartphone app that allows them to use all Genesys WFM features any time and anywhere.

Traffic and planners can send broadcast messages ad-hoc and/or to a selected group of agents. For example, to verify which agent is willing to work some overtime when required.

These messages can be shown both in the Buddy app and in Genesys Workspace desktop.

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