Genesys consulting @ Insurance company, EMEA region


“We struggled for months with an issue that Prime Contact helped ussolve in a few days” – IT Manager, Contact Center domain

I wish all our vendors would deliver support on their solutions like Prime Contact does.
Product Owner Contact Center domain

This customer is the country’s leading Insurance company, consisting of multiple independent market brands. They are running a Genesys Engage Contact center the size of 3000+agent seats spread across multiple locations.

The Genesys experts from Prime Contact helped the customer in successfully deploy and upgrade a wide scope of Genesys solutions (listed below). Prime Contact experts strengthened the customer’s scrum teams with their technical expertise.

In addition to generic solutions in the Genesys portfolio, Prime Contact was able to significantly speed up the deployment of intelligent Workload Distribution, Genesys Digital channels and adapting Genesys Composer routing strategies.

Prime Contact helped Genesys to successfully deploy their new Mobile Engagement Solutions as well as Speech Analytics.

Genesys solutions in scope:

  • Genesys Engage core platform
  • Genesys Business Analytics (Insights & Infomart)
  • Genesys Composer
  • Genesys Digital (email, chat, co-browse) & Mobile Engagement
  • Genesys intelligent Workload Distribution
  • Genesys SIP Server
  • Genesys Speech Analytics
  • Genesys Voice Portal
  • Genesys Workforce Management
  • Genesys Workspace
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