Real Time Stats @ Bank


  • Real Time Stats leverages both Genesys and non-Genesys statistics, thus presenting the most relevant KPIs in consolidated views.
  • 80%reduction on the running costs of virtual servers (in comparison to Pulse).
  • Real Time Stats provides fit-for-purpose views on wallboards, PCs, tablets and smartphones.
Real Time Stats allows us to consolidate both Genesys and non-Genesys KPIs and we’ve saved over 80% on the running costs of virtual servers, compared to Pulse.
IT Manager

This customer is running a Genesys Engage contactcenter the size of 1000+ agent seats spread across multiple locations in a single country. The objective for this customer was to have clearer dashboard overviews on their CC wallboards, supervisor/manager’s PC’s, tablets and smartphones.


Further objectives for this customer were to:

  • Present a combination of Contact Center and Business Performance metrics in single dashboard views.
  • Reduce the number of (virtual) servers required to run Genesys Pulse.

The Real Time Stats solution provides this customer with highly visual and real-time dashboard views, running on the CC wallboards with specific views created for PC, tablets and smartphones.

By having the most relevant KPIs from various departments presented in a highly visual and clear manner, this customer has gained control of their customer service operation, enabling them to act immediately when an occurring situation requires attention.

Real Time Stats reduced the running costs of virtual servers by 80%, as it collects, handles and distributes statistics in a far more efficient manner than Pulse does.

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