Genesys consulting @ Bank, NALA region


With the help of Prime Contact, the project was realized on time and within budget.

I know this sounds very cliché, but they genuinely live up to their promises. They really walk the walk.
IT Director

This customer is a market leading Banking company in the USA. They are running a Genesys Engage Contact center the size of 15,000+ agent seats spread across multiple locations.

The Genesys experts from Prime Contact helped Genesys Professional Services in successfully deploying Genesys Voice Portal, Genesys SIP Server, as well as the Composer routing strategies involved. Prime Contact helped the integration of Genesys with the customer’s backend systems.

Before engaging with this customer, the timelines for the project were unlikely to be met and the project budget was clearly going to be exceeded. With our help, the project was realized on time and within budget.

Genesys solutions in scope:

  • Genesys Engage core platform
  • Genesys Composer
  • Genesys SIP Server
  • Genesys Voice Portal
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